The Safe2Pay team is in full swing developing our revolutionary payments platform to give you true online and mobile security. The Safe2Pay app will be available for download through the Google Play and App Store. Stay tuned.

Safe2Pay mobile payment platform provides dynamic one time token to the buyer to truly safeguard your personal information. Providing you convenience and safety when shopping in-store and online through your mobile device.

Safe2Pay is a revolutionary online payments platform offering the highest level of payment security available through its patent protected dynamic tokenisation platform. Safe2Pay users can use any of their preferred card accounts including scheme credit, scheme debit, bank account, pre-paid and gift card accounts. Safe2Pay provides a simple and unique user experience. By generating one-time use tokens Safe2Pay masks your real payment details and keeps your private information safe. Safe2Pay is a safe, secure and convenient way for you to buy globally.

With a wide range of retailers you will be able to take advantage of immediate discounts from participating merchants. Safe2Pay will open the door of truly exciting and rewarding in-store shopping.

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