Invoicing is the lifeblood of businesses that provide professional services, such as accountants, interior designers and freelancers.

But this payment process, although crucial, can be problematic and stressful. So, what can you do to ensure that invoicing is easy and your customers pay promptly and regularly?

Nobody enjoys chasing up invoices so Safe2Pay has developed a hosted payment page that will leave you time to get on with more important things.Read this guide to find out exactly what you need.

What Is an Invoice?

An invoice is simply a list of products or services given to a client that includes the cost of those services. In other words, an invoice is a bill. You send an invoice to someone because they owe your business money.

What Can Go Wrong?

For any business, especially a small business, a solid and smooth invoicing cycle is essential. For small businesses, an unpaid invoice can have devastating effects. However, it’s not always the customer’s fault. There are common things we see merchants doing that slow down the process including:

  • Forgetting to Include Payment Information – Don’t give your customers an excuse to put off payments.
  • Neglecting to Keep Records– Keeping bad records (or worse, not keeping any records at all) affects the way you’re able to handle a dispute with a client.
  • Forgetting to Follow Up– Following-up is the best way to ensure on-time payments.
  • Failing to Be Up Front – If you put in more hours on a project than you expected, tell your client over the phone or in an email.
  • Waiting to Send an Invoice–  It can be a little tedious and a little stressful but waiting to send an invoice gives the customer the wrong message.

These are simple problems that occur with your busy schedule and Safe2Pay realises that it’s easy to let good invoice practice slide.

That’s why we’ve developed a hosted payment page which will simplify this process for you, allowing you to do away with sending out invoices altogether.

More About Safe2Pay’s Hosted Payment Page

Safe2Pay’s hosted payment page allows you to provide your customers with an online payment method for your invoices.Your invoice will be linked to the payment page providing an easy way for your customers to pay you immediately. The payment page is a simple and inexpensive way to streamline and improve the way you allow your customers to pay, with enormous benefits and features including,

  • Improving your invoice processing with credit card payment capabilities on your website
  • Reducing invoice age by simplifying your credit card processing
  • Easy to implement solution
  • Integrates with all popular online shopping carts or invoicing software.
  • Custom shopping cart and invoice integration
  • All integration is handled in-house by the Safe2Pay development team
  • The Hosted Payment Page is custom branded for your businesses
  • Simple pricing structures

Safe2Pay Offers the Highest Level of Security

The credit card transactions from your website will be processed via Safe2Pay’s Payment Gateway that has the highest level of security for you and your customers in Australia.

Safe2Pay, with its patented payment gateway platform, uniquely protects your business by masking card details with randomly generated numbers from your website, over the internet, to where your transaction is processed.

Too often, card details are hacked as they travel from your website to the processor. With Safe2Pay’s unique tokenisation gateway, the risk of fraud is radically reduced thereby protecting your business but also your valued customers.

Contact Safe2Pay online or call one of our friendly customer service representatives on 1800 723 327 so we can help you set up an invoicing page on your website and help you get paid faster.

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