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Safe2Pay...How it all began

It is hard to believe today that back in the year 2000 barely anyone was buying online. There was also no real way of knowing where card details were going and who was in fact receiving the money.
The uncertainty produced a fear.

And it was this fear of buying a book from an overseas merchant that sparked a simple and smart idea – Wouldn’t it be safer for both merchant and consumer to use a proxy or random number instead of disclosing real card details? That way , should the proxy number be stolen, it would be meaningless to a fraudster and unable to be reused.

It’s also hard to believe today that the overseas merchant was in fact Amazon and the simple idea put forward by the founders father, John O’Hara, is now globally known as Payment Tokenisation.

Armed with patents in multiple countries, Safe2Pay was born with the primary aim of eradicating payment fraud -currently heading to USD$71 billion- protecting both merchants and consumers simultaneously.

With our unrivalled tokenised payment system, Safe2Pay has created a payment ecosystem comprising a unique EFTPOS terminal, tokenised Payment Gateway and Mobile Wallet. They all work in tandem to produce the safest payment ecosystem available in the world.

Each product boasts a level of security rarely seen in the payments sector, bringing confidence, choice and convenience to every payment made or accepted online, in-store or on-the-go.


Safe2Pay. Tailored Payment Solutions.


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3 Spring St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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