Mobile Payment and its Boom in Australia

If we look at the history of trade and commerce, it dates to the ancient era of humankind. It started as a Barter System wherein initially, human beings exchanged grains, food, services, and livestock. Slowly...
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credit card reader EFTPOS

Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses

With Australians increasingly using their credit card to pay for everything, small businesses have little choice but to equip their shops EFTPOS Terminals that accept credit and debit cards. Credit Card Market Report Australia 2018...
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Online shopping

5 Ways A Payment Gateway Can Improve Your Business

It’s not news that online transactions are currently booming. Rapidly advancing technology is causing people to carry less cash. And why would they? With e-commerce and home-delivery growing, even everyday items like milk and bread...
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EFTPOS Merchant fees

Understanding EFTPOS merchant fees.

Since 2007, EFTPOS, credit and debit card payments have doubled and there’s no sign of them slowing down. As we move closer towards an inevitable cashless future, the number of card payments that merchants accept...
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Credit card processing for Business

Our top Tips for Processing Credit Cards for Small Businesses

Helping your small business think big The importance of credit card payments for businesses is far-reaching, even for tiny businesses. Research has shown that it can increase in-store sales and boost your customer’s chance of...
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Chinese Tourism boom

Australia’s Chinese tourist boom…and how to capitalise on it!

What tourism boom? Australia. Sandy white beaches, picturesque mountain ranges and unique wildlife – even just from photos it’s obvious to see why it’s a traveller’s dream! Add on the fact we’re incredibly safe (96%...
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payment gateway benifit

What Is a Virtual Terminal and Why Is It Beneficial?

A virtual terminal allows your business to accept payments anytime and anywhere, with no card swipe or extra software needed. If you accept online transactions, the virtual terminal can prove to be an indispensable resource...
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Protect Online Business

How to Protect Your Online Business Against Credit Card Fraud

Online businesses face a unique challenge compared to brick and mortar stores, as all the transactions that occur are “card not present.” The 2017 Australian Payments Fraud Data Report found that card-not-present fraud has increased...
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The Differences between a Business Bank Account Vs an Internet Merchant Account

Today there are multiple payment options available to online customers, and as an online business owner, you need to offer as many as possible. The more options you give your customers, the more likely they...
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