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How to Protect Your Online Business Against Credit Card Fraud

Online businesses face a unique challenge compared to brick and mortar stores, as all the transactions that occur are “card not present.” The 2017 Australian Payments Fraud Data Report found that card-not-present fraud has increased...
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The Differences between a Business Bank Account Vs an Internet Merchant Account

Today there are multiple payment options available to online customers, and as an online business owner, you need to offer as many as possible. The more options you give your customers, the more likely they...
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How Does a Payment Gateway Work?

If you’ve just started up an online store or you’re moving towards accepting credit card payments, get ready to hear about payment gateways a lot! And we know there’s nothing more disheartening than being confused...
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Merchant Account vs. Payment Gateway: Understanding the Difference

If you’re starting an online business, there are some decisions that you’ll need to make. One of which includes setting up an internet merchant account and payment gateway service. There are many providers out there,...
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How to Integrate Your Payment Gateway

So, you’ve got a great product or idea, a beautiful website and you’re ready to start accepting online payments. But the hard part isn’t quite over yet. To process these payments, you’re going to need...
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How do EFTPOS terminals work?

So, you’re a new brick and mortar business who needs to accept cards, or you’re just frustrated with your current EFTPOS provider. Whatever the case, it’s important to understand how an EFTPOS machine works so...
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What is a Merchant Account?

So, you’re setting up your online business, and you keep hearing the same buzz words repeated over and over. Payment gateway, merchant account, payment processor, the list goes on. And every time you think you’ve...
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What Is a Payment Gateway? Frequently Asked Questions

Accepting payments online and integrating a payment gateway into your online business is your first step to success, but do you understand what a payment gateway is? We’ve been advising people for some time now...
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Accept Credit Cards on the Go: Are Mobile Credit Reader’s Safe?

These days there’s not much that our mobile devices can’t do. And now with an extra bit of hardware they can do even more. The introduction of mobile card readers has many small business owners...
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