Credit card processing for Business
Helping your small business think big Credit card Processing – The importance of credit card payments for businesses is far-reaching, even for tiny businesses. Research has shown that it can increase in-store sales and boost your customer’s chance of making ‘impulse buys’. For small-business owners, setting up these systems can appear overwhelming but just think,...
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Chinese Tourism boom
What tourism boom? Australia. Sandy white beaches, picturesque mountain ranges and unique wildlife – even just from photos it’s obvious to see why it’s a traveller’s dream! Add on the fact we’re incredibly safe (96% of tourists were satisfied with personal safety) and incredibly friendly (94% of tourists were satisfied with the friendliness of locals),...
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payment gateway benifit
A virtual terminal allows your business to accept payments anytime and anywhere, with no card swipe or extra software needed. If you accept online transactions, the virtual terminal can prove to be an indispensable resource for you. Virtual terminals are an integral part of Safe2Pay’s comprehensive payment solution so we’ve created this guide to answer...
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