Everything your hotel
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Hand held convenience for you and your guests

FrontDesk benefits


As guests book and/or check-in through FrontDesk, the card they use to sign-up and verify themselves will be pre-authorised in real time, reducing the number of hours spent chasing down bad debt, overdue bills and unpaid mini-bars.

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NFC enabled phone owners (Android & Samsung) will enjoy the convenience of keyless room entry. This way, guests will be able to check-in and access their rooms without visiting the front desk.

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FrontDesk integrates with Oracle’s Opera, MICROS and Simphony cloud services. This ensures your hotel is running efficiently and seamlessly, to the benefit of you and your guests.

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Safe2Pay’s FrontDesk App provides a centralised location where your guests can easily access all of your hotel’s services including check-in, check-out, make reservations and order room service, all from their mobile phone. FrontDesk is white-labelled to your hotel, and therefore a seamless digital extension of the hotel’s brand and image. Furthermore, FrontDesk integrates with Oracle’s Opera, MICROS and Simphony cloud services, providing a truly all-in-one product for you and your guests.

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