Safe2Pay’s Hosted Payment Page alllows you with the option of  providing your customers with an online payment method for your invoices. A simple and inexpensive way to streamline and improve the way you allow your customers to pay you.

Benefits and Features

Get paid faster

  • Improve your invoice processing with credit card payment capabilities on your website
  • Reduce invoice age by simplifying your credit card processing

Highest Level Of Security

  • Credit card transactions from your website are processed via Safe2Pay’s Payment Gateway
  • Safe2Pay has the highest level of security for you and your customers

Key Features And Benefits

  • Easy to implement solution
  • Integrates with all popular online shopping carts
  • Custom shopping cart and invoice integration
  • All integration is handled by the Safe2Pay development team
  • The Hosted Payment Page is custom branded to your businesses

Simple Pricing Structure

Setup Fee

  • One Time $395 Setup an integration fee

Monthly Fee

  • Affordable monthly fee of $59 per month

Cost Per Transaction

  • Competitive cost per transaction of 2.1% + $0.25 per transaction

One of our proud clients that is using the Safe2Pay custom branded hosted payment page