The mobile wallet for everyone.

For too long now, mobile payments have been confined to people having a particular type of phone,
being with certain banks while using a specific card.

Well, not any more.

Introducing the Safe2Pay Wallet; Australia’s first mobile wallet that allows users to securely pay with any smartphone,
with any credit or debit card, both in-store and online.

Mobile Payments should be available to anyone regardless of mobile, bank or card. Using our patented tokenisation technology, the Safe2Pay Wallet is the safest, most inclusive mobile wallet on the market.

pay with your Iphone

iPhone users will also be able to use any bank or card while making QR Code payments at any participating merchants using Safe2Pay’s EFTPOS terminals

pay with your Android

Users of NFC enabled phones (Samsung & Android) will be able to use any bank or card to make contactless payments anywhere, or QR code payments at participating merchants.

The safest mobile wallet on the market

Safe2Pay has created and developed one of the safest ways to pay using what’s called payment tokenisation. Tokenised Payments are when a proxy card number is used instead of the user’s actual card details.
Most fraud today is due to real card details being revealed when paying. Removing the real details and replacing them with a randomly generated number ensures that each transaction is secured, making the information worthless to a hacker as they cannot use it again for another transaction – radically reducing any chance of card fraud.
Payment tokenisation isn’t exactly new, and a lot of companies already utilise it. What make Safe2Pay’s way special is that our tokenisation is what’s called front-end tokenisation. We think it’s so special that we’ve patented it here in Australia and overseas. Front-end tokenisation means that instead of generating a random card number in advance, we do it at the time of purchase for each and every transaction. This means your card details are never actually revealed, and that we don’t hold any of your card details in your phone.