So you want to start an online business >>>>>>

No matter what Business you want to start, there are fundamental steps- apart from legal and accounting advice- you need to take. I’ve listed them below to help you get your Business set up.

  • Domain Name (website business name)
  • Domain Name Hosting (keeping your website business name safe and active)
  • Website (showing your things or services)
  • Shopping cart (selling things)
  • Hosted Payment Page (selling services)
  • Invoice integration (linking your invoice to a payment), e.g. xero
  • Payment Gateway (safely transporting money to your account)
  • Internet Merchant Account (online bank account where online money goes before it goes into your bank account)
  • IT services (you may need to get your business operating)
  • Virtual terminal (taking payments on the run/in public)
  • Dashboard (so you can see what sales and money you’re making)

As you can see, there are many steps involved in setting up an online store and a myriad of providers available at every turn. It’s only fair to say the whole task appears daunting and we haven’t even gotten started!

So let Safe2Pay deal with the lot.

Safe2Pay can help you through this confusing process and get your Business up and running quickly. We can either do the lot for $89 pw/24 months or customise the steps/pay as you go depending on you.

Our goal is to help existing and new businesses streamline and improve their online presence. If you are a new to online business, it can be daunting with the amount of technical jargon and financial hurdles you need to navigate just to get started.

We help your business with all your online requirements so that you can focus on what you do best while we get you set up to run your business. You won’t need to deal with any other third parties besides Safe2Pay. We will take care of all that is necessary to get your business online, selling and accepting payments.

Our Online Business In A Box helps businesses start and be successful in their online journey.

Let Safe2Pay set you up with the following:-

  • Domain Name
  • E-Commerce Website Design
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Online Merchant Account Facility
  • Payment Gateway

Select your preferred Online Business Package below.

Online Starter
Domain Name
E-Commerce Website Development (Up to 25 pages & 100 Products)
SSL Certificate
E-Commerce Hosting
Payment Gateway
Virtual Terminal
Online Merchant Account Facility
Online Advanced
Domain Name
E-Commerce Website Development (Up to 75 pages & 500 Products)
SSL Certificate
E-Commerce Hosting
Payment Gateway
Virtual Terminal
Online Merchant Account Facility
Website SEO Optimisation
Website Keyword Optimisation


A $499 Development commencement fee is payable. All prices quoted are excluding GST.