The Safe2Pay Virtual Terminal allows merchants to securely process mail order/telephone order sales and manual card input.

Merchants who wish to manually verify customer information before processing payments will often take advantage of a Virtual POS Terminal. The Safe2Pay Virtual Terminal has been designed to provide merchants with a simple solution to securely accept and process manual payments. Allowing you to easily turn your computer, tablet or mobile into a credit card terminal. This solution comes standard with the Safe2Pay payment gateway and no extra investment or development is required. Simply log into your gateway and accept payments on the go.

The Safe2Pay Virtual Terminal is ideal for trades people, trade shows and charities.

Virtual Terminal
Accept payments on the go securely. No additional hardware required.

Safe2Pay Virtual Terminal Features


Accept payments on the go wherever you are. Simply log into your dashboard and process payments.


You are always secure with the Safe2Pay patented tokenisation platform. A one time payment identifier is generated for every transaction.

No Extra Expenses

Safe2Pay’s virtual terminal does not require any additional integration or development. No extra costs or time are required to use it.