Payment Gateway
Merchant account online
So, you’re setting up your online business, and you keep hearing the same buzz words repeated over and over. Payment gateway, merchant account, payment processor, the list goes on. And every time you think you’ve got a grasp on the concepts you read another article that says something different altogether. It’s starting to make algebra...
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Card payment gateway
Accepting payments online and integrating a payment gateway into your online business is your first step to success, but do you understand what a payment gateway is? We’ve been advising people for some time now and more often than not business owners are confused by what a payment gateway involves. It’s not surprising with so...
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Payment completed online
These days there’s not much that our mobile devices can’t do. And now with an extra bit of hardware they can do even more. The introduction of mobile card readers has many small business owners and market stall operators throwing out their old cash registers and EFTPOS machines. To accept transactions on their Apple or...
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