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Online businesses face a unique challenge compared to brick and mortar stores, as all the transactions that occur are “card not present.” The 2017 Australian Payments Fraud Data Report found that card-not-present fraud has increased by 28% in 2016 alone. It’s true that these are the hardest cases of credit card fraud to detect. However,...
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Today there are multiple payment options available to online customers, and as an online business owner, you need to offer as many as possible. The more options you give your customers, the more likely they are to finalise that purchase and keep coming back time and time again. To do this, however, you will need...
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If you’ve just started up an online store or you’re moving towards accepting credit card payments, get ready to hear about payment gateways a lot! And we know there’s nothing more disheartening than being confused by concepts you have to deal with every day. So, we’ve created this guide to explain everything there is to...
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